FRONT STREET ENTERTAINMENT - If Atlanta is indeed the new mecca of the music industry, few have contributed more in establishing the peach state capital’s global music dominance than Super Producer, Song-Writer's & Engineer's Front Street Entertainment. While the majority of their friends were playing sports or causing mischief, Front Street Entertainment was learning how to record and purchasing their first beat machine. Shortly after mastering its use, Front Street Entertainment, flexed their music muscle by serving as one of the primary producers for influential southern Hip-Hop acts, The Youngbloodz, Jim Crow, and The Attic Crew. After garnering critical acclaim for his extraordinary production style, due largely in part to their groundbreaking work with the Youngbloodz, Front Street Entertainment caught the attention of legendary production trio Organized Noize. It would be his pairing with Rico Wade, Ray Murray, and Patrick “Sleepy” Brown, who collectively comprise Organized Noize that would lead to Front Street Entertainment becoming an iconic key figure's in the Atlanta music scene.

Considered by many as one of the chief architects of the Atlanta sound, Front Street Entertainment has produced, engineered, and discovered many of the artists who have laid the foundation for the city’s monumental rise to power. Superstar talent such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, Joi, Sleepy Brown, Cool Breeze, Slim Calhoun, EJ The Witch Doctor, Manish Man, Backbone, Cutty, Shawty Put (WB), Konkrete (Stankonia), Playboy Tre, Left Eye of TLC (R.I.P.), Nivea, Mark Twayne, Suga Suga (Do it With No Hands), Jazzy Pha, Bone Crusher, Lil Jon, Polow Da Don, Jagged Edge, Big Oomp, Slick Pulla, Dem Franchize Boyz, and Jermaine Dupree. Never one to boast about past accomplishments or to sit idle, Front Street Entertainment found time to work with an array of artists outside of Atlanta to include Mint Condition, Spice 1, Sunny Valentine, Too Short, Rich Boy, and others. Blessed with the type of humility often found in great ministers coupled with a grade school teacher’s patience are the qualities that set Front Street Entertainment apart from their contemporaries. It’s these same attributes that led the Atlanta native to start their now famous independent artist showcases. The ultimate humanitarian, Front Street Entertainment has mentored countless unknown artists & producer’s and provided them free of charge an opportunity to showcase their abilities. Nowadays, Front Street Entertainment has ventured into the management side of the Entertainment Business. So along with the Musical Presence, Front Street Entertainment has what it takes to Make A Artist/Writer/Producer & Company reach that next Level of Success they need to Achieve their Goals.

For More Info Contact (404) 919-1421 BUSINESS HOURS 8AM-6PM MONDAY-FRIDAY FOR DEMO SUBMISSION: We are now only accepting demos in digital form. Please email to: with links to MP3 files (but NO MP3 email attachments please!)


Backbone - Concrete Law

CornerStore Mixtape Vol. 1

Cool Breeze

Big Gipp of Goodie Mob

Goodie Mob Presents Lumberjacks

Jim Crow

Field Mob

Sleepy Brown of the Dungeon Family

Mint Condition

Parental Advisory

YoungBloodZ - Drankin' Patnaz